How Enlist Works

Enlist easily integrates with your lead sources then our Sales Experts call and convert them on your behalf.

New Lead is Received

Your lead is automatically forwarded to Enlist via a simple to set up integration to your website, CRM, email or other lead source

Enlist Calls Immediately

One of our Sales Experts will call your lead immediately. We are on time, everytime, to ensure conversion through the sales funnel is maximised

We Forward Qualified Leads

If a lead meets your specified qualification requirements we will notify you, or, schedule a further meeting / demo on your behalf

Track & Adjust Campaign

Update and manage your campaign from the Enlist dashboard. View individual call outcomes, change qualification criteria or alter your campaign spend

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See a Demo Campaign

Get free access to the Enlist platform now to see an example campaign. Or take a look at our explainer video.

Who is Enlist for?


Enterprises & SMEs

Enlist delivers a professional extension to your sales operation giving you the opportunity to pursue seasonal campaigns, experiment with new channels or cover staff shortages.

Start Ups

Start up sales is part of Enlist's DNA. We are able to quickly grasp the core features of your product and provide you with the flexibility to scale up and down your sales force.
Sales Manager

Sales Teams

Enlist is a perfect addition to your sales team. Outsource the repetitive sales tasks that your sales team neglects so they can focus on the highest value activities.
Marketing Team

Marketing Teams

Integrate your Marketing Automation software with Enlist to ensure that Marketing Qualified Leads are consistently contacted at exactly the right time.

Here's why teams rely on Enlist

Rapid Deployment

Our sales experts can start calling on your campaign within a few days. No hiring delays, no training delays. Perfect for when you need that little extra push towards target.

No lengthy commitments

Enlist doesn't tie you down to lenghty contracts, you simply pay for the hours spent on the phone. No commitment, no surprises, you know exactly what you're getting.

Expert Sales Talent

We have the highest standards for our sales experts. Our proprietory training programme was developed while working in some of San Francisco, London and Europe's top startups.

Get free access to the Enlist platform now and see how easy it is to incorporate Enlist into your growth strategy